Wednesday, September 17, 2003

snailmail (edited)
greetings my love! i dont even know what day it is! (is that bad or what?)
thats just how life is here. like you, excuse my sloppy handwriting. i'm
sitting in a truck (how do you do it?) it's so hot, i could just shit. got
your letters the other day! this is not easy, writing in a truck!
day 2, sitting at a checkpoint. we stop and check vehicles before they
enter the area. hey! found out what day it is, august 31st, sunday.
the days run together here, half the guys dont know what day it is
(i know because when i ask they admit they dont knowLOL!)
my printing still sucks. i'm sitting in a dirty dusty foxhole, god
i hate it here! just knowing that i'll get a week in germany
keeps me going (and knowing we will be together of course!)
it's a zoo here now, everyone seems to come through at
the same time. enclosed is a photo of my company. can you find
me? haha theres only *** of us!
same day, but i'm in the 'green room', also known as the morale, health
and welfare room. this 'mwr' room is noisy and the tv is way too loud.
another day of escort duty but no one shot at us. i'm running again,
i have a 'PT' test next month so i will try to run everyday if i can.
i prefer to swim and lift light weights but we dont have that here!
thats why re-joining the YMCA will be one of the first things i do.
it's official, we will be home***. they are watching NASCAR
on tv here, its always sports or porn with these guys, they would
laugh if i requested seinfeld or news. you wont have a husband
who sits in front of the tv belching and drinking cheap beer.
i cant believe these guys are watching NASCAR. its just cars going
in a circle over and over and over. golf is worse, ( i would rather watch
paint dry!) i also want you to know not only do i count the days
until i get home but i also count the days until we will be together,
now that it is official that we are planning to get married one of
our first steps will be a visit to the mall for a ring. not a cheap one
either. i am not a 'material' guy (just look at the car i drive) but
when we visit friends and family i want them to see a real ring.
i cant wait till i can get home and be on 'real time' with you.
i can phone you and we can always yahoo. i will start looking
for a place as soon as i get home, we should at least
have a place that has room for a garden and maybe an extra room
for computers, tv, chilling out, etc. i have my degree and a good work
history so i'm not real worried (at the worst i could always do what
i've done before, but driving a truck or going back in the military
is only if we are starvingLOL!) you should be very employable,
you speak two languages, you also are good with kids so you have
a lot of options wherever you live.
rely on snailmail from now on, (we will move to a base with computers
in mid to late***.) the pc's are falling apart where i go now
and the net is up and down here at 'camp victory'. i will still
get to my e-mail but if you dont hear from me on the net, dont worry,
you are still on my mind all the time! my working out time will cut into
my internet time anyway (and they keep changing my hours). i'll
call and e-mail from germany.
well, thats it for now, i know that as soon as i close this i will remember
something i wanted to say. one thing i know that i want to say
is that i have fallen in love with you, i want you to know its only
you in my life and i cant wait until we're together and can have a real life!
i'm so glad things worked out as they have, both of us could live really
well and fate or luck or karma has been good to us. i'm trying to stay safe here,
for you and not some dumb mission for the suits and powers that be.
you outrank the army (and everyone else) i love you babe!
thanks for hanging in there for me, i cant believe you have been with me
all this time (others are getting divorced!) i love you babe!...m

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