Wednesday, October 15, 2003

october 14,2003
hi babe! love you too! had some time off due to changeover. i made
some trips into baghdad. nothing dangerous and i got some more
great photos (ie, the swords,etc) most of the people here are real nice,
i wish they would let us make more trips into town. i think sometimes
the americans isolate themselves too much when i think we should
mingle with the locals as much as possible. i dont think we'll get much done
sitting behind barbed wire and hoping for the best. anyway, thats just
my opinion.(i'm not running the show) anyway, its you that i think about
all the time now. such a change from the 'just me' attitude i have had for
for so many years. bad news, the battalion commander gave a speech
last night. there are no orders as of yet but he thinks we'll go home
as early as mid*** to as late as early***. he has a sense of humor,
he said he would stop talking and run out the door if we got angry.
he said he gets some mean mail from the wives but he understands it.
i just want to be home before you! i'm glad you enjoyed the photo,
its a keeper. you have a card on the way, you know i feel the same
about you that you feel about me. i cant get over the fact we are one
now and all my thoughts are geared in that direction. please dont
ever doubt that ever. i'm commited and i am a one woman man.
i dont meet a lot of women here but the few i do and know i am
proud to say i have a future wife. i'm also proud in that i am not
like other men in that i would not go to the whorehouse in germany.
of course the guys made fun of me but all i could think about was you
so i didnt care. well, my letter must come to a close, i'm told we may lose
power in a minute so i want to send this. an internet cafe is on the way
so we may be able to talk more in the future,but until i know my
new schedule it may be hard to make it up here to my friends tent
to e-mail. (they had us cleaning weapons today even though they
left us alone for the most part) well, better send...miss you
and love you soooo much my pretty one. your husband...m

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