Thursday, October 16, 2003

october 16,2003
hello to my sweet wife, i'd walk forever to get an e-mail
to you. i'd miss chow too. the guys said, "come on m., we got a ride to chow."
i said, "no i pass tonight." ( i was walking in the other direction to e-mail
you while the crew here was out to chow). they said, "youre addicted to the
e-mail." and i said, "i'm addicted to my new wife!"LOL i'm with a great
group of people, we watch out for each other. anyway, baghdad was my trip
out of here. i like it. people are nice and the weather is great. one guy asked me
why i wasnt riding with my weapon at the ready. i said cuz i thought it would
insult the iraqis we see and i wish more people felt that way. a lot of iraqis
always comment on all my combat gear. i think they feel i feel threatened
and i think it hurts some feelings, i dont know. i just wish things were
different. i would run this war a lot differently. anyway, its a short letter
tonight, oh yeah, we cruised a bad neighborhood too but i took pics
and talked to some kids instead of manning my gun. many are unhappy
that things arent happening faster. but i said, "give it time."
they were selling knives but i have all the knives i need lol!
that was it for my escort duties. i'm on checkpoint duty from now on
and it's military traffic only so i'm safe for awhile. its the day shift
so i can still e-mail you. i love you babe. i know it sounds corny
but this is the first time i've really known i found my true love.
thanks for sticking with me. i'm not religious but you are like a gift
from god, guiding me through these rough waters! better send,
love you, my new wife, love...m

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