Sunday, October 19, 2003

october 19,2003
hi babe! i just couldnt make it up here last night, got busy
with my 'AO' (area of operations) recieved your 'notebook'
yesterday, wow! i love you! i showed everybody in my 'AO'
your notebook and said, "this is a letter!" lol! i'm so lucky to have you,
you know that by now for sure! i am doing okay but stressing about
things at home. it is so very hard to plan things but at least we
know what has to be done. we need to get your stuff and my stuff
and have some time for us and us alone! i just want you to know i feel
the same way you do, and it kills me even when i cant check my mail from you!
youre on my mind all the time and i am learning how to deal with it.
it was so easy when i was young to end a relationship when i travelled
but that can be so lonely and i dont want any part of that in my life anymore.
i've found my other half and its you that i want most of all. you are so pretty
and i had the hots for you so bad in high school. it kills me we didnt have a closer
relationship back then. well, thats history now, i feel just like you
and thats all that matters now. i loved your notebook letter so much!
anyway, its raining on the tent now as i type, yeah! no dust when i walk back.
i really am okay here, i now enjoy some of the things i had back home but nothing
beats getting together with you babe! i cant stress that enough! well, guess i should send
it would kill me to lose this. no one is here and it is like having you here alone with me.
i love you my dear new wife, hang in there, i'll e-mail when i can and yes
i think of you when i cant make it up here! love, your husband...m

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