Sunday, October 19, 2003

october 19,2003
(this is a letter m. wrote for his battalion newsletter)
september 11,2003
'Who's the Real Enemy?'
as a so-called "liberal democrat" currently serving in iraq as an infantryman
with the ***brigade, i cannot help but object to specialist ***'s 'opinion'
printed in the august issue of the *** newsletter, suggesting we could be
the 'enemy'. my ancestors founded this great country of ours. both of my grandmothers
were daughters of the american revolution. other ancestors fought in ww1 and ww11.
after having served in the US Marine corps as an enlisted rifleman
and later as an officer in the US Army reserves, i enlisted in the national guard to
help rid the world of another horrible dictator. what many people seem to forget is
that we live in a democracy protected by the constitution. it is our right (with the exception
of most military personnel) to question the governments actions at home and abroad.
furthermore, it is our duty (and obligation).
what i object to most in specialist ***'s opinion is that liberal democrats will
go down in history as being the 'real enemy' since they object to the policy of the US
concerning our actions in iraq. i also dont feel that all 'liberal democrats' object
to the US being in iraq. (our own senator *** is among those in favor of our
actions here.)
furthermore, i dont think the conflict in iraq can be compared to the vietnam war.
the same people who are protesting and objecting our actions here are sending
troops care packages. i also believe that saddam hussein is defeated in war and
can cause little harm to the war effort. politics divide our nation, not a coward
in hiding.
until the US completes our mission here in iraq to make a strong and politically
healthy nation, there will always be debate concerning policy towards that end.
simply put, i do not want to be referred to as the 'real enemy' simply because
i (and others) question the policies of our leaders. 'political attacks' is what other
political groups do. it is what makes our nation what is it is today: a place where
everyone wants to live (not to mention the fact that it is a great and proud nation).
i do agree with specialist***'s comment that we should all pull together and support
the war effort in iraq. it is unfortunate that many people have objections on just
how to go about doing that, but that is the nature of being american, not 'an enemy'.
being deployed on the front lines of iraq, it also concerns me that many iraqi people
still complain about conditions here. i also hope and pray that the US does find
more evidence of saddam's wrong-doings because i believe it would bring 'liberal democrats'
(and the rest of the world) together on a very real and important issue.
i can only hope that specialist *** and others reconsider thier opinions towards others
and know we are all in this together, regardless of 'politics'.

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