Monday, October 20, 2003

october 20,2003
hi babe! i hope i can e-mail you more in the future, we are
going infantry again in a few weeks which means rifle range and
and patrols. i may not be able to e-mail you for days at a time
and that hurts. i'm an expert in the weapons field so i doubt
i will get any more contractor work despite my civilian degree
in contract specialist. they want people in the field who can fire
rockets, mortars and the like so i guess thats what i get for having
a military education (no matter how ancient.) better send,
i've lost so many letters so i have to keep them short. love you so
much babe! so hang in there love, i long for the day we can be together
as much as you long for those days. you be safe too! i love you babe...
your husband...m

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