Wednesday, October 29, 2003

(a card with a pink rose and a silver pendant enclosed)
greetings from baghdad! thanks so much for the photo albums,
that means so much to me! i cant believe you sent what i consider
treasures! (my old and new photos). i will keep them safe and
we will start the first of many photo albums to include our first album, our
wedding photos! i have four or five albums i have filled over the years,
i guess the rest will be 'our' albums! may there be many! youre so pretty
in your photos, i am so lucky to have you now after decades of thinking
of you! i went to the bazaar today. i just enjoyed getting out and spending
some money on myself after months of having 'bare bones'.
first thing i bought was (find enclosed) this silver pendant
and i thought you could wear it with my dogtag. i still cant believe
how my life has changed since meeting you again. like i have said
a million times before, my other half has joined me for what could have
been the toughest years of my life, love you deeply babe!...m...

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