Saturday, October 25, 2003

hi babe! recieved your cd today, forgot all about v.m., this
place really isolates you. the guys were impressed by your choice of
music. everyone wanted to borrow it. no problem, i listened to it
three times in a row. my company noticed your 'name change', lol!
i think it scared the command, they thought i was due back pay!
( i would make more money if we were really married). anyway, you will meet
alot of the guys at our wedding. this is a tight unit and i will invite
alot of the guys from the company. i know you said you wanted a june
wedding, but of course we could get married before that and have
the ceremony and reception in june. yeah! no meetings tonight!
i rushed right over here after chow so i could mail you. have you recieved
my card yet? i sent it a couple weeks ago. i feel so guilty, i havent sent
any snailmail out to you. i feel i can tell you more that way. i need a notebook
and simply write a little to you daily. before it was awkward just finding the
time to sit down to write to you but now i have evenings off. things are really
starting to get back to normal. i have coffee and watch the news in the morning
before i leave for guard duty. we dont need ac, the current temp. is perfect for
me now. i have other things to enjoy but life is not complete without
you by my side. so no matter how much i make myself 'at home' here,
life is still incomplete without you! well, i will try to write a little everyday,
unless there is a meeting or i pick up duty for a friend. (i watched the radio
the other night) we pick up the slack for each other. when i recieved your letter
and cd my friends all laughed when i said, "thats a short letter!" they thought
it was long. i read a few lines from it that talked about the bigshots and
thier screw ups. i think they were very impressed with that. (we all feel that way!)
some of the most conservative guys are starting to come around. the guard
and reserves, no matter how hard they try to make us comfortable here,
(and they are trying) we know we are getting screwed on this deployment.
you know that from reading the news online. even the army times and
stars and stripes have had opinions about the issue. well, better send,
dont want to lose this. dont fret if you dont hear from me, i am always
thinking of us and i am looking at a plan of action for the future
cuz like you sed it really is only a matter of months now and we will be
together! god, how i long for the day you will be by my side! like you,
i have waited my whole life for this! oops, my friend just walked in,
he says hi! love you babe...your husband...m

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