Sunday, October 26, 2003

greetings to you my love! yes, i long for you but
i am stuck here and nothing could be more frustrating
than to find the one you love and then be separated
by no choice of our own! i hate the assholes (we know who
they are) who are keeping us here. its obvious they dont care.
its all about thier goddamn oil and money (and everybody knows it).
the army is trying its best to make life better for us here but
nothing beats going home (or being with the one you love).
now i've found you and i cant be with you! well, enough said...
my friend was riding in a humvee when someone took a pot shot
at thier convoy. so far i think only myself and one other soldier
have actually exchanged fire with the bad guys but i'm not sure.
do you want to try the phone again? i think you are*** hours ahead
of me. they have a new phone center here and i would like to give
it a try. i have never considered the military phones because the
lines are so long and there is a 30 minute limit, not to mention the fact
i cant find an operator to connect me to you. there is supposed to be an iraqi
operator at the *** phone center so maybe we can give it a try. i remember
i could call you direct from germany for almost nothing. i'll never forget
those times, we couldnt stop talking to each other! anyway, we will get time to
talk some day. well, nothing to really tell you, its a shame my card didnt make it,
everytime i have tried to send something silver it hasnt got to you.
i sent you another card the other day, just a short message. when i
saw the card it made me think of you and while it made me sad i sent it anyway.
i try not to get angry about this deployment but i cant help vent now and then.
pray to god we can vote the republicans out of office. i am afraid they are
going to wreck our great nation. its more than just a gut feeling,
(just look at the writing on the wall). but all i care about now is
just being with you. nothing will make me really happy until we are
side by side. until then, life sucks, (well, its not that bad LOL!) like
you i cant wait till we are one, mind, soul, and body! i better
send, i lost a letter to v. the other day. love you babe! your husband...m

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