Thursday, October 30, 2003

hello my love, heard about the fires, the last year i was in the
marines we used to get called out to fight them. so glad you got
the charm, was worried about that. anyway, sunspots are wrecking
havoc on the system here. you can see the bursts from here (wierd).
i want to research the news groups for info on our units deployment.
rumors at home say we are leaving, the command here says we are
staying. someones screwed up. i will start looking for a place when i
first get home. i know pretty much what to look for, (remember we
need room for your cats). i have some options but just cant do much
from this end. of course we think alike, i remember our first e-mails
thinking, " i sure missed the boat on this girl!" well, better send,
i'm doing fine really, (have most of the creature comforts of home
anyway) love...m...your husband...

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