Wednesday, November 12, 2003

november 9,2003
hi babe! i got a long letter from you today, (its here in my
pocket). they told me this morning to get off the truck, i
have the day off! thats the way things work around here,
its so 'fly by night' when it comes to doing things. dont
worry about me.. i dont miss the winters in***, i have
managed to avoid them for years. i will start mailing things home,
we have *** days to go but we start to demobe ***... i hate the
idea of leaving baghdad for that awful camp doha...
lets get married as soon as we can and have the wedding
when we get settled. i will make this letter short, i want to check the
news. you know you fill my thoughts day and night now. i
love you babe and long for the day i can say ***!
love...your husband....m...

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