Friday, November 14, 2003

hi babe! im back! the yahoo pc is still down, and the
other occupied so i will have to wait for another day
for that (boohoo!) had weapons inspection last night so
that fouled me up for getting any e-mail out to you. i did
warn you my e-mails would be far and few between simply
because of our hectic schedule now ( i hope it lets up!) the
guys were floored by your long letter, frickin unreal! im
so proud of you babe! you write so often and youre so pretty!
i feel so guilty about not sending snailmail after your letters
arrive. we went to the market today to buy our watches at
lunchtime but the guy was a no show. i have some other
locals i can check with later, ( i want us to have those
matching fake rolexes real bad lol!) anyway, my day does not
really allow me to get much snailmail out, i start at ***a.m.
and dotn get back till ***or***p.m. i go to chow and a bit
of down time in my hideout and back to the barracks to clean
up and take care of some chores. by that time i'm ready for bed.
(or sometimes watch a bit of movies with the guys or listen to
some of the tunes you sent). they dont like it when we read or write
on duty but some guys do it anyway. our checkpoint is so busy now it
would be hard to pull it off anyway. i did manage to get some stamps
though!) by the way, several of the guys have teddy bears sent from
home. our teddy will be well taken care of. i havent been back to the barracks
yet today but they say your package is waiting for me. i'll get some snailmail
out to you i promise! i feel i can tell you more that way anyway.
back to the subject at hand, i love your letters! youre so right on the mark.
i have the same feelings for you and see things going just the way you do!
i miss you babe! love...m...p.s. i was talking now and got scolded for not
sending you snailmail, "excuses..." she said, the girl at the other desk.
well, i will write a little everyday now that i have a notebook from you...

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