Tuesday, November 18, 2003

hi babe!im here,all is well(i guesslol)i bought your "rolex"today.i dont
know if ill send it or wait to give it to you(or just wait until after the
rush and send itLOL)i get away from the check point from time to time when
someone can "cover"me and i can get a ride)i have an iraqi lady who cooks
for me now,its a great break from the army food.she makes her own
bread,grows her own veggies and has farm raised chickens.she comes by the
check point w/her husband and the cutest little girl ive ever seen.the guys
really "dote" on her(the kid)she must have a car full of gifts and candy by
now.its a holiday for the muslims here so everyone is exchanging
gifts and the like.i really miss my other duties and my iraqi friends.i
see them from time to time but its not the same.i am meeting new people all
the time and perhaps i can buy some things from the baghdad market now with
out going myself.anyway,i went to the range the other day and shot
well,considering the conditions(dust,
etc)i ejected a few rounds by accident(im not used to feeding a mag
into an open chamber like they want you to do on the ranges or i would have
had a perfect score)shit...still out scored anyone in my squadLOL)spend
most of my time thinking of you though babe,it has a soothing effect on
me.finding you has made my life again and for that i owe you big time.i
know how hard this would have been w/out you waiting at the end.yes,the
pages are still slow but not as slow as befor so send your mail!its just a
shame i that i have all these pcs to myself now but cant make it in to send
e-mail.maybe duties will lighten up after a while,hope so.well,better send
now while i can.had wanted this to be a longer letter but i want to catch a
ride to eve chow w/the folks here.its getting chilly here as well(glad i
have the day shift)were so much alike i cant believe it.well have such a
good time (in all waysLOL)when we do get together.we got an extension
but i get the feeling were only a
*** away from going home.rumour has us leaving here in
***and leaving doha in ***so we could be in *** by
***(so cross your fingers)love you babe(you know now i think about you all
the time,your my life now)...love....your husband...m

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