Thursday, November 20, 2003

thanks babe!i needed to hear that.the base is getting crowded and the phone
situation is a mess.i doubt i will get a call out to you simply because of
the long wait at the phones and time limit involved.20 minutes is not
enough time to make the call worthwhile(it would take ten minutes just to
connect)some guys get up in the middle of the night to make their calls and
still wait an hour or two.i need my sleep at my age and simply cant bear
the thought of waiting in line just to have the phones go down anyway,(like
what happened last night)i have e-mail and am very lucky these guys let me
in the office after hours to use it.after chow it will get crowded in here
again as people return.if my hours change,i may not get to send you e-mail
at all.hang in there,someday we will be together and i dont want to
seperate from you ever again.this is killing me,im not going through it
again.by the way,i may have you access my bank account by phone
because for some reason ***for security reasons.they have a web page but
have never been able to gain access.for example,dont waste your money
on anti-viris programs... ive had
friends who are pretty good hackers tell me that anti-virus programs are a
scare tactic to rip people off. most transactions are encrypted so there is
little or no risk involved when using basic e-mail.oh well,humans are human
i guess,they are always afraid of something(theres a sucker born every
minuteLOL)ill send you ***(like i said,phone use here is straight from hell.there
is one here in the office but there are people waiting in line to use it
right now)well,speaking of chow,i had better send.i love you so much babe
for being with me through these trying times.please dont panic if you dont
hear from me for awhile(it just means i cant get to the e-mail)love you
soooooo much babe...your husband...m...

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