Friday, November 28, 2003

i love you too babe! love your poem! all i can think about is our bodies
together when ever we want.you know it makes me sick that we are apart.i
my true love and im stuck in hell.i want to be with you babe,forever.ive
it so bad for you now.i remember your long sexy body like it was yesterday!
youll always be pretty in my eye(that shit doesnt wear off,even w/ageLOL!)
well,gotta run(had to respond to your poem,it touched me so!god,i love you!
cant wait till were in each others arms.i already know what ill say at our
wedding(that i never want to be further than arms reach from you,ever!)love
you babe...your husband!..ps...ill mail when i can but i have a new shift now
so it may be far and few between but ill always have you on my mind!...
same night:
hello babe!good news ,bad news.they changed my shift(bad news,its eve
shift)good news,its right across the street from here(my post)if i can get
someone to stand in, i can run over here and send e-mail.im glad your okay
w/the e-mail thing.if everyone is busy i might not mail for days(or even
weeks).i miss you bad but i have my treats
too! some guy just*** and i have other
republican freinds of mine are backing ***/
if he can just get through the primaries he can whip***(at
least with the military vote!)im afraid those sissy liberal demos wont back
him,however.i love you soooo much babe for sticking with me and your words
of encouragement keep me going in this hell-hole.my guess is we'll be
arriving state side about the same time so dont spend to much time at
mothers LOL!ill need you in*** if
our unit is delayed by the ***(who said they could ***
anyway?)my every thought now is on our future(and some good ***,of
courseLOL!)better send now babe,my friend is waiting for me at the new
*** post they decided they just "have to have". love you so much(tell your
friend ***i said hello and he is more than welcome in***...miss
you...your future husband...m...

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