Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hi babe! its official, they are keeping us until***.
it hurts me i cant make it home before you. i wanted
so bad to have everything ready for you. i dont want to scare you
but they may keep us longer than that. its not the***'s fault,
its the crock of shit called***. anybody who spends time here
and*** should have thier head examined! anyway, e-mail
and snailmail will be few and far between until after the
holidays. the phone lines are unreal long. im sorry to sound so
negative. im so thankful i got you. thats all that matters now.
i have had it with the military though babe. its not worth the
pensions and benefits to endure this crap (at any rank).
dont fret if you dont hear from me, with everyone leaving
for r&r many of us are doing double duty shifts with no days
off (and they wonder why they cant keep people in). they
are trying to tempt me with increased rank but its just not
worth it. i was talking to a *** in the chowline the other day
and he said even with just *** to go until retirement from
active duty he is getting out. he has a family and feels its
just not worth the benefits. i love you so much for sticking by me.
i cant believe the graffiti about*** in the porta-potties...
better send now...love you...m

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