Monday, December 29, 2003

december 27,2003
hi babe!
i dont have much to report on this side of things(no
news is good newsLOL!)im at a
safe checkpoint and morale in the unit is high.i got alot of complements on my
party(i did put alot of work into that)it went well except the pizza was
late.my unit was on tv,that was fun to watch.we provided security for the
wwe smackdown in baghdad event.i was surprised to learn that sabel,one of
the women wrestlers,was over forty!i got a t-shirt from her ill give to
you.i never collected much when i was in the military before but i am bound
to collect things this time around!it also reminds me of you to have some
of these things.well,thats all for now.im going back to the barracks for
some medicine and some much needed rest.yes,i dream you are beside
me,your long arms and legs there to touch and admire.i see your sweet face
on my wall near my bunk each nite and it just drives me crazy that we cant
be together.find your true soulmate,then to be separated from her is pure
hell.i dont want to bother you w/that kind of talk but it does hurt me so
bad that i cant touch or just
be with you.life is so cruel at times.anyway,i better sign off,i dont want
to get too soapy but never doubt my love for you.youve hooked me so bad
w/your letters alone,i just know we are meant for each other...love you
soooo bad...your husband...m..

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