Friday, December 12, 2003

hi babe!the net is so fouled up!ive been trying to reach you for days!it
takes up to a half hour just to go from page to page.anyway,i love you for
being there for me.i may not e-mail for awhile because of the problems
w/duty and connections but im with you heart and soul all the time.we're on
our way home!they are moving us as soon as they can.we may be out of
theatre as early as ***(who knows?)but it is official,we're on our way
out,thank god(although winter in in *** does not appeal to me(esp.
w/out you!))i would rather winter it here but no one else wants to!LOL!the
important thing is i will be off line for awhile so i dont want you to
worry.my guard post is very secure and i am dealing with military traffic
most of the time.i love the the clothes you sent.i dont even turn them into
the regular service.ill wash them by hand w/warm water and hand soap(im
taking no chanchesLOL!)anyway,tonight i wear the socks,they work better
than anything ive ever tried.well,i better send,
the net is so fouled up they cant even finish their work here in the
office.love you babe(i have so much to tell you but it will have to
wait)...love...your husband...m...ps...im way ahead of you on the
t-shirt thing!your rolex is wrapped in my favorite brown t-shirt plus i
bought you a new black t-shirt...

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