Monday, December 15, 2003

hi babe!yes,i hope the rolex makes it.it is wrappedin my fav brown
t-shirt and a new shirt i bought for you.x-mas will have to wait for us(i
have some gifts in mindLOL)they told us to start packing the other day and
to send unwanted items home.way ahead of them babe,did that last week.the
battalion commander stopped by the other day with a christmas tree so i
figure well be here at least that long.interesting morning.i helped the
bc,co and 1st sgt put the tree up.the bc made the 1st sgt wear a funny hat
with bells on it and pose for photosLOL!i know he didnt like it(the 1st
sgt) but what can you say to the bn commander?anyway morale is up now that
we know we are on the way out.everyone says hi and some are already
planning on going to our wedding(a few have bought gifts already).its going
to be a big one from the looks of things.i thought we would spend more on
our wedding reception and maybe go camping for our honey-moon,if that
sounds good to you(even if its a might
chilly at the timeLOL)we can talk over all those things later.we will spend
alot of time just getting down to business,etc.im flexible(at least i like
to think soLOL)so dont stress over anything,just start planning to head
this way.c. is ready to start recieving mail from us.ill mail a few
things from kuwait but its your stuff well have to start gathering
up(ie,items from ***,*** and your cats)we'll celebrate everything we
missed by being overseas this spring and summer.how i look forward to being
with my other half.its all i think about now,our new lives together.as they
say in PI."i love you,no shit!"LOL!the net is fast tonight but i have duty
the next two nights so i might not get back to you in awhile.its not too
bad.we're in a secure area with mostly military traffic so there is little
risk of danger,at this point.
we can have a fire so we stay as warm as we
can(those socks are unreal!)i wash those items myself because i dont want
to risk them in the regular service.
i wont send much in the way of snail mail just due to the fact that by
the time it reaches you we may be on our way home.i just sent a box of your
letters home the other day.unreal!you wrote so much it filled an entire
box!unreal!i love you babe.im so proud of your long letters(it blows the
guys minds!LOL!)anyway,boo-boo the teddy has joined the other bears in the
squad on top of the tv set near my bunk.hes still with-in sight but i could
not keep him from "hanging" w/"the guys"LOL.i will make a point of keeping
him close altough the clasp on his little box wore out some time ago.like
you,i think of nothing but our future together.how odd that one life can
change so fast!we're going to be the perfect team and although we're not the
material type something tells me we will have all that we need in life.im
also very lucky to have you and dont think i don'tknow that.i owe you big time
for staying w/me through all this crappola.you could have hooked up with
any number of guys but you
sought me out, held tight,how i admire you for that!i remember when we first
started talking before i deployed and i almost broke it off(our
communications)because i had such a thing for you.my heart was broken.you
had contacted me but you were married and living in *** at the time so i
thought i had just another"dead end". how wrong i was!you jumped right on me
when i wrote telling you"this and that"so i knew then and there that you
were special,something more than just a "pen-pal"i feel so lucky now that
you are in my life(at long last"and that both the "love"and"lust"are there
for us.) like you said,as a team we are naturals and will fit perfect in the
scheme of things.we want the same things out of life and that is so
important for such a good start.well,i better send(i always say that half
way through the letterLOL).stay in touch w/c. now that our time together
is just around the corner(less than ***?)i really do need to
be home first.its so important that i
have everything ready for you!i want to be there to take care of your
cats(ill treat them like their my own,of course),your stuff,etc.we also
need to address other issues that i will now have the time to look into
***,etc. we wont rush things.i know you need
to ***and we can work all that stuff out too,im sure.we dont want
to fall into the same trap that other couples get into("oh,we'll just die if
we dont do this and that!").we have the *** trip,honeymoon and visits to
family and freinds(even mine,like ***)but i think our first year together
can be just getting our wagons in a circle and taking it slow and easy and
still get all of that other stuff done too. do need our own place so we
should take our time on that one because a nice place is easy to have in
*** if you take the time to look into it.it does
look like c.'s for awhile
anyway,so lets take advantage of that.(its not a bad place and we'll put our
heads together on that and other issues.we can leave *** ,at some point
in time but landin good employment in one of our"chosen"spots will be key
to that,of course.you seem to know me fairly well and that is sort of
spooky(but so cool too!)ill make the best husband youve ever had,i know
it.of course,i can protect and provide for you but you can always call the
shots if you like because i feel that is so imortant to your(our)well
being.like i said a million times,im so lucky to have you...love you...your

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