Friday, December 19, 2003

hi babe!im back!ive got the midnight shift so it is real hard to get to
the e-mail.dont worry if you dont hear from me for long periods of time,our
duty roster is a mess because of all the comings and goings.good news is
they say we are leaving baghdad in early *** and should be in *** in
late ***.bad news is they have messed up my pay(and others) for the second
pay period in a row(dont worry though,i have plenty put back).i am telling
people i am keeping all my army equipment issued to me(including night
vision)until they resolve the the issue so we could have some fed tax
problems in the future.i will consult a lawyer or accountant and on that
issue.im not the only one w/problems(this is why i quit the army years
ago)others in the bn have the same issues.word is they over paid us and now
they are taking it back.i cant believe they would do this to us right before
the holidays!i cant believe,a wealthy nation like the U.S. would treat its
poor foot soldiers this way.first
thay extend us past our original orders then they stick us w/a pay
cut.needless to say the guys in the unit are furious and are not happy
campers at this point in time.like i said,im keeping my army issue(its the
only way i can collect from the army at this point in time.let them try to
make me pay for it...ha!)do me a favour and let every one you
can know what they are doing to us and

how they are treating us(after all weve been through!)be sure to post this.
you know now that at this point in time it is hard to think of
anything but you.only ***months and i will be free from this hell
and by your side.start heading this way.stay in touch w/c. so you can
start sorting and sending.we will take advantage of her place while we
can. we will communicate about the dif. issues as we go
along.it would sure help if i could be home first to manage things.im so glad
youre not going to your moms!i didnt want to say anything but we can(and
will visit her anytime)we can put her up at a nice place should she decide
on attending the wedding.i have several people who want to best
men,already.yes,this is looking more like it could turn into a "company"
reunion/party but that is okay because we would have some help w/things.ive
lost touch w/some of my *** friends so feel free to monitor *** and
respond to anyone who i may really know(remember,those spammers are
trickyLOL)thanks for dealing w/the spam.it clogs my e-mail,preventing me
from retrieving my real mail when time is short.well babe,its back to the
salt mines.ive got just enough time to write to you,make chow and get back
to the checkpoint.i love you so much.cant believe you stuck by me through
this living hell of a life.ill owe you the rest of my life(just let me
prove it!)soon we’ll be one,united in
our life and all will be well,i can feel it in my bones!love you
babe...ps...yes ill take a photo of the bearsLOL!...pss...do me a
favour(because i dont have the time)but write to senator ***'s
office and tell them about the problems my unit is having(too few soldiers
for duty,pay problems and an extension of orders that we dont
understand)make sure he knows how unhappy we are about our treatment as
guardsman and reservists.you have all the info you need to write his
office(ie,unit,problems,location,etc)tell them they can contact me via
e-mail(or visit my site for address)if they like but my time w/the pc is
very limited(the *** has already done a story or two on
the subject of pay and extensions but you may want to contact them as
well.you can tell them they are still screwing us pay
wise!)...psss...lordy,i love you and long for the day we can be
together,dont ever doubt that for a minute...your husband...m....(its so
hard to say good-bye,even on
the pcLOL!love you babe...

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