Friday, December 26, 2003

hey babe!im so glad you got my package!be sure to tell c. we’ll want the
back bedroom(im sure thats what she means)we’ll use my room as a study,of
sorts.we wont be there long but i told her we may stay for awhile and help
out w/things.well clean out the garage for her because thats where we will
store some of our stuff,etc.she is overwhelmed w/the house,her sick mom
and the dif. jobs.well spend our time looking for and getting set up in our
new place and we have a wedding to plan for so i imagine we will be busy
enoughLOL!not to mention the fact we may "part time it "at the ***
and *** to stay up on the cash even though im saving almost all my pay
at this point.they did screw me on my last pay even though both senators*** and
***(ive met both)said they were working on the problem but now the money
is being put back in my account even as i type(according to my
banker)but for the most part i just want to spend time w/you doing
all the things weve talked about for
so long(in and out of bedLOL!)well have such fun,theres so much to do in
*** and like you i would enjoy a long camp out w/the horses as well as a
night or two on the townLOL.well,the duty is not bad.i keep a ***and
they let us keep a fire going in a burn barrel,not to mention the fact that
it is very calm here at night(less gun-fire than at home evenLOL!)well,the
net is screwing up some now so i better send.like i said,my e-mail will be
shorter and further apart just due to the fact that duties are changing and
it could become pure chaos here at some point in timeLOL!ive asked the
leadership not to panic over our move but i used to be an officer so i know
how the stress can be.i even stress a little knowing i need you back from
*** safe and sound and i want our life to be perfect here on the ground
LOL!well,bye for now love...your husband...ps...got your coffee!will cook
some fire side tonight...pss...love you soooo much babe...

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