Wednesday, December 31, 2003

hi babe!the net is soooo slow now,i dont know what the problem is but it
took me almost a hour to get to log in and reply to your last message.i
cant read your mail tonight,it takes to long to pull up.it may be several
days or even weeks befor i can e-mail again just due to the fact the net is
so slow now and i may have only an hour or two to get in and check mail.ill
send some snail mail,i can write faster than i can type anyway(i cant type
on these lap tops,my fingers are too big)you already know i feel the same
way you do.now,if we could only start our life together.nothing new to
report here.they are still talking late *** as a depart date from here.when
we can leave kuwait,i still have no idea.i better send,someone is waiting
to use this pc(good luckLOL!)you know i love you so much,just keep that in
mind,please babe!ill e-mail you when i can...love...your husband...m...

hi babe!jumped over to another pc that was already on-line and ***popped up
fast for me.i wont be able to e-mail you as much now simply because of my
schedule here and the fact that as more troops come in,the slower the net
gets.i have made up my mind about the military though.i cant risk this
happening to me again.i have never,in all my years, been extended against
my will like this. i dont care how good the benefits are or what rank they
offer me,i am getting out for good.i can only think of us now and dont want to
run the risk of us ever having to be apart.our lives together are too important
now to risk any seperation,even for a short while.i am even going to forget
about contract work that will take me away from you for more than a week or
two(even if the pay is good)like i said,i made up my mind years ago that i
would live life my way despite money and other factors so i want to be with
you,thats what life means to me now.its hard enough on us now,having to be
apart.we should pledge never to let this happen to us again.i know that often
the lure of money or simply boredom(for some couples)can lure people astray
but lets not let that happen to us.lets stick to our guns and stay
together,as one.no matter what.well,i better send.i dont want to risk
this letter,love you babe...your husband....m...ps...im feeling better
but can only think of home(and you,of course!)and that brings me
down.pss...they keep pushing our departure date back.looks like late ***
before we can get out of here.same w/kuwait.no one knows anything.they are
going to send more reserves and guard overseas so you can see why it is
important for me to get out.the unit that was supposed to replace us was
sent to *** and another *** unit(******) is going to ****.looks like
they are going to bring back the draft and start sending even more active
troops overseas.i dont know if that bill has come to the floor yet but
there are rumours it will pass if it does.we can only pray *** does not get re-
elected but it looks like he will now,according to the new polls.oh
well,such bad news(boo-hoo)no more ps ‘s ...

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