Saturday, December 06, 2003

hi babe,hives are going away(slowly)and we are being worked to death.i had
to go back to work so some of the guys could catch a break.they took my
down time real well so its catch up time.i will have little time for anything
else.got "boo-boo"the teddy today(as i have named him)unreal how a lot of
the guys here have such items(LOL)wives and girlfriends?anyway,i will
e-mail you later when i have more time and now that my hands are healed ill
get off some snail mail.you were in my dreams the other night(finally!)we
shared a tiny apartment with two other couples(ugh!)you know i never dream
about people,only places most of the time.(in the past i have looked for you
in these places but we have never connected)there were three dreams.one
with you and the second two involved cars(weird)and other people i
know.anyway,i have to run(its so hectic here now,ill e-mail when i
can!promise!)love you babe...your husband...m

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