Sunday, December 07, 2003

hi babe,
my hives are going away,slowly but like a snake i am now shedding
skin(odd)my skin is very nice(as you will see for yourself(LOL!)the phones
and internet are a mess.dont panic if you dont here from me for awhile(im
also pulling extra duty trying to get the guys in my squad some time
off. stay in touch w/***.she could use your words of wisdomLOL!i received
your clothes today.nice.your smart,i like what you sent and i will wear the
socks tonight.stood in the rain all last night(but had some "treats"to help
me through that ordeal.its such a dumb check point,the "anal"rules and
all.im making my own rules at this point(i know who belongs and who
doesnt)they get mad at me when i let nationals in that dont have all the
passes but then they moan and cry when their hot water goes out or shitters
dont get pumped(go figure)post what i say if you like(even about ***)i
just dont care anymore.print anything i send,im not giving out any real
secrets and im not in the military to stay,anyway.
my attitude now is the hell with them all.theyve messed up our pay
again.theyve messed up our redeployment dates(for the third time)it seems
they cant get anything right anymore.thats cool though,just as long as they
dont stick it to me for my mistakes(whats good for the goose is good for
the gander).i love your long letters.you know ill be true to you and you can
pretty much count on me as far as your questions go.im an open kind of
person and bit by bit you will weed out a few of the kwirks and kinks and
we can deal with our issues in a loving way.anyway,thats what i get from
your side of things.we all have a few skeletons in our closet but mine are
far and few between.the e-mail here is so hit and miss that im afraid to
write long letters to you(ive lost a few)i hate writing snailmail because
i know it will take a month or two to reach you and some how that just
takes a lot out of the meaning.we have the e-mail and we have so much in
common im not afraid of our relationship
not working.i just want to be with you to prove my worth and assure you
im ready for this big change in our lives.im easy.what i mean is,im not
afraid to take charge and protect you but im also the type of person that
will do what you want me to do if you want it bad enough.that is why
comminications and the like in a relationship are so important.i fell for
you decades ago so i know im in love,now its just making a life
together.all i think about is us being together,thats why this war is so
frustrating.i was more than willing to come over here and do my part but its
obvious that the powers that be have dropped the ball and everyone knows
it.its funny how i get cheers from locals when i hold up my thumb and
shout"*** sucks!"lol.but i cant blame everyone.the army does its best
to take care of us and there are some great people here trying to do their jobs but
you know the old saying"crap roles down hill"anyway,ran into an old arab
friend of mine the other day.we greet in the traditional
arab way so some soldiers gave me an odd look but thats just how
things are done here.he is discouraged with the run-around he gets on post
and his nieghbors dont like the the gi s in their nieghborhood(they are
stupid,he says)i wish they would give the people here more freedom and let
more people in country to help locals out but like i said earlier,the
bone-heads at the top of the ladder keep dropping the tools on our heads.i
do understand why they want to stick to their guns,at this point but we
all know there has to be some middle ground(somewhere). in our relationship
we will strive for that ground and we will meet our needs,im sure.well,i do
have some snailmail for you now that my hands are healed from "god knows
what attacked me"underneath my pretty skin returns(so have no fear)im in
the best shape ever(tan,lean and feeling younger all the time)im ready to
spend the winter here because *** winters are so bad and i also
know i cant be with you until
*** anyway.i want to go back and read some more of your letters before
i start sending more snailmail(i keep forgetting to write everything i want
to say in my snailmail to you)ill seal the envelope and then remember
something i should have said.once again,i may not get this chance at e-mail
so be patient if you dont hear from me.im sure things will calm down after
the holidays.i know you are and i cant believe youve stuck with me through
all this.i like your messages in your letters so i know you will like me
and right now thats what matters most.im sure i can be the man you want me
to be and i wont have to change much to "go there",if you know what i
mean(LOL).shit babe,better send now,the nets
acting-up(chow,"treats"(heh-heh)and another long night of duty awaits
me.dont worry about my safety,im good at that part of being a soldier.im a
great shot but what will keep me safe and sound for you will be just good
old common sense,my wits and staying alert(while relaxing when i
can)(LOL)love you babe...your husband...m...ps...after i re-read your
snailmail ill write back(i want my letters to address more of your

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