Thursday, December 11, 2003

hi babe!so glad you check this mail too.the mil. mail is real slow
tonight.some guys just came in so i got the pc s up and going for them but
they are going to other servers as well.you and i,we think so alike.i took
a long walk the other night and thought about how nice it would be if we
were walking together,hand in hand..i'm with some
good people here babe but i want to be by your side so bad!we're going to
have such a great time when we do get home in ***.well do some neat
things like sailing,riding and going to a party or bar now and then.we'll have a
great time pulling our stuff together and making a temp. home for us to
our future attack on the world at largeLOL!i want so bad to be next to
at long last have a you by my side in bed (where the sky is the limit)i get
so damn horny sometimes but i just keep telling myself the day will come
when that wont be an issue,not when were togetherLOL!anyway,as i told you
my other letter the hives are gone.i shed my old skin(im washing
and i now have the nicest looking skin ive ever seen.i worry little about
those sorts of things.its what i get for bathing in canals and going
local.they still dont know what they are going to do with us yet.we are
switching duties around so there is a good chance ill get back to working
more with the iraqis.nothing against americans but im getting tired of the
same old faces and want to get outside these walls again for
i said before,thanks for the clothes.you send the right things,thats for
(youre so smart,i love smart women you know lol!)you know i also feel lucky
have my dream girl now(ive always had a thing for the tomboy type but i
tall,smart and prettyLOL!)and i cant believe you have stuck with me through
all of this.we do have alot to look forward to and i guess that keeps us
going.i imagine us doing so many things together.we can explore each others
pastimes and enjoy doing it together,for real.i picture us working in the
garden,having long walks,wrestling around,going out on the town with
(and new freindsLOL).my everyday now is centered on what we'll do when life
really starts for us. i remember you so well,its unreal.you were by
far the cutest and most pretty girl i knew.i guess our age difference might
have had something to do with us not connecting at that time in our lives
i cant wait to show you that old photo of you!i cant wait to show you all
old albums w/photos.i think you'll learn alot about me and you will have
questions that i can answer on the spot.one of the first things we will do
sit down and look through those albums,its so important.we've got more than
one common hobby,it seems.photography!we'll hold off on buying cameras but
we'll explore that area for sure.we may want to try our luck selling some at
the ****.c. and others have talked about it but never followed
through.i think we have the type of stuff that just might sell.i wish i had
more time on the net to check out your sites(and others)but with this slow
ass system and my time hack im lucky to have e-mail.well,reckon id better
send now(thars a *** word fer ya!LOL!)you know now im so hooked on you.i
never expected this in my life(thought id be one of
those"uncles"w/the "c"bag and the "p"coat that just visits for the holidays
and then off to another land(of course i figured that as a child as
but someone at chow today mentioned how lucky i was to have been able to
it out and meet my real mate!i couldnt believe my ears.some people think us
*** types can be real dumb but i think people who know people know
better.hey,thought i was going to sendLOLwell,i cant say good-bye to you(i
know it will be that way when we hook-up and i dont mind.if we have to
time glued together for the time being than so be it(but i dont think i
to follow you into the ladies roomLOL))!well,let me read some more of your
snail mail and now that my hands are healed i will write some serious
(what-ever those areLOL)love you babe(thanks for being mine)...your

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