Wednesday, December 03, 2003

november 24,2003
oooooh,you have no idea how i love to hear those words from you!youre my
babe alright!your the reason i havnt gone insane here(you know that)i look
at your photos everyday(theyre on my wall)and think about how lucky i am to
have you there for me.someday,we will be one(in all waysLOL!!!)gotta run
tonight so its a short message but i had a few minutes so i ducked in here
for a message of encouragement from you.god,how ive fallen for you!no
e-mail for the next few days but ill try to work something out to get back
in touch w/you. got the hives, (havent had those since i was a kid.no bother,it
does not bother me one bit (odd,i know) just itchy red bumps,no stress!love
you babe,thinking of you always...your husband,m...ps....
ever heard of marriage by proxy?a jag guy said we could do
that.oh well,just a thought(LOL)...love ya....m...

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