Wednesday, December 03, 2003

november 28,2003
hey babe!im back!!!!!i went to sick call for my hives and they gave me
steroids and put me on bed rest.i went back today for a reavaluation and i
still have the hives but i had the doctor change my "quarters" status so i
would not be confined to the barracks.i was so frustrated,i couldnt get to
your e-mail!i couldnt take a hot shower because we havent had hot water in
weeks and i shower here.yes,i am the close type too!i dont have "space"when
it comes to you babe(its the attraction thing!)i know for a fact that when
people push you away at any time for any reason that some(or all)of the
love must be lost in the relationship.anyway,back to the hives thing...im a
free man!no duty,no quarters!i do what i want,go where i want and when i
wantLOL!the doctor is a special forces colonel who had the hives when in
afghanistan and said he knew what life was like for me.i will re-eval again
in a few days and they may send me to the hospital for some tests if this
stuff does not heal
i would love to go to germany again but they have a
full-size hospital here in baghdad now(where i would not want to be
stuckLOL!)anyway,your letters touched me.i keep wondering what life would
have been like had we hooked up in the old days.oh well,no sense dwelling
on the past.bet we would have made it.bet we would have had everything we
needed.something tells me that although we are not the material type we
would be well-off.oh well,those are just some thoughts to throw at my other
half.its important that my soulmate knows what im thinking.im not one for
secrets.i often tell things to people that other people would never dream
of telling another person.
well,better send....love you
babe(sending)...your husband...m...ps...im going to send you that ***
now that my hands are 'free'...

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