Thursday, December 04, 2003

november 30,2003
i am okay but the doctor just told me i am going to the hospital so we may
lose touch for awhile. dont worry,ill get in touch w/u as soon as i can.love
you babe for being there. got your soups! perfect timing! im using the clinic pc
so i better send and get packed(love you so much!)...your husband...m

same day
i love you too babe! im fine, just itchy. the rash is getting worse. too bad it
wont get me home but it might get me to germany! i just hope it doesnt reach
my faceLOL. they say they have e-mail at the baghdad hospital so ill try to stay
in touch. im waiting to be picked up now(im at the office now,just had a hot
shower) so ill keep this message short.i love you so much babe, cant believe
my luck(having you for a wife!) and cant wait until were together and can
really click togetherLOL!of course ill push your buttons
anyday,anytime...love...your husband...m...ps...your the best thing to
happen to me and im not bullshiting(how would i get you into bed now

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