Thursday, January 01, 2004

december 31,2003
hi babe!im back.still have the cold.the second cold,that is.im afraid that
the colds are here to stay.i wont shake this one for awhile,given the
environment i’m in.the colds go through everyone and when your immune system
kicks in, another strain pops up to take its place.ive spent enough time in
the military to have learned this(ie,i didnt need biology 101LOL!)yes,it
still rains on me.i stay dry and near the burn barrel we use.i received
your blanket the other day.
you’re so clever,babe.its perfect.its not to large so i can take it with me
and it is very warm,thanks!i sent you some snailmail today.ten pages worth
(i told you i still had alot to say off-lineLOL!)i also sent you a box with a
another t-shirt in it.just be careful when you open the t-shirt,there is a
gift inside.its gold of course but this time i wont tell you what it
is(LOL)no,its not a ring(we will get those stateside)somethings wrong w/this
reply box,ill send another message...love...m...

hi babe!this is my second message,something wrong w/the first box.i just
couldnt let you go like that but i better get going now so i can rest before
i go on shift tonight.ill always think happy thoughts when it comes to
thinking of you, its just that the wait is straining me.i know there will
never be a dull moment with us,there is just so much for us to do(and i
dont mean just choresLOL!)i hope we dont have to move to canada but we may
have to consider it if they dont release me.i cant deal with another
deployment.ive already told you i dont want us to seperate,not for any long
length of time.my contract ends in *** but they can hold you 90 days
after that and they can also have another "stop loss"put into
effect,blocking my release.it most likely wont happen but with ***in
office i am prepared for the worst.alot of my freinds stateside have
already suggested it so ive given it some thought,i just hope it does not
come to that.the polls have shown *** will be re-elected
by a landslide so we should expect 4 more years of them.anyway,i hate to
sound so negative but it is so miserable here and the the news is all
bad(however,the only news we get here now is about michael johnson)i try to
stay comfortable and i have alot more than i had before but "there is no
place like home"LOL!anyway,i do think of all the things we can do
together.its changed my life.we'll meet new and old friends.walk and ride in
the forest. c. has 2 acres of land complete with tractor,plow and
tools.we can take our time and find a really nice place for
ourselves.we’re a good match in so many ways,we'll enjoy doing lots of things
together.i like the idea that you want to do things together.so many
couples say they do,then dont.like you said,they are cruel to each other.i
could never be that way,you know by now its just not my nature and
besides,that sort of thing would have surfaced by now(as much as we
communicate)i dont have the ego that other men seem to have,either.
there are bound to be things you can do better than me(i hope so)and i will
only respect and admire you for that,not resent you or anything.i forget
sometimes what you've been through and i know you've wasted years of your
life on a worthless "ex".you've been through a lot and you still write
cheery letters.they mean so much to me,to hear you say what you say.i
cant believe it sometimes,the soulmate ive waited for. like you, i've had
my share of bad ex’s. but that was years ago.i go into more detail in my
snailmail.i cant wait just to be close to you,to hold you,to spend long
evenings in front of the fireplace with you.to just be us.im not real fast
or big so something tells me we will have
fun doing alot of things together.i like board games too and with only
a"slightly"higher than average iq im afraid im going to have to practice
some to beat you at anythingLOL!.well,ive already gone past my time limit
if im going to get some rest before my shift.ill send some more snailmail
because i cant make it up here like i used to but sometimes ill write in my
e-mail some of my snailmail,anyway.well,stay safe babe(i still worry about
you!)love...your husband...m...

thanks babe!your words of wisdom always bring me around!i almost cried when i
read your last letter.its so true,well have everything when we are
love you babe...your husband...m...ps...i just "died"not being able to
get to your letters.i cant get here like i used to.i sent some snail mail(i
told you in my other e-mailLOL!)love you babe...so glad i got to ***
tonight...love...your husband...m...

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