Wednesday, January 28, 2004

hi babe!
yes,we're here!only **** and we will demobe in *** after a
short break at home.i should be able to stay in touch(they now have a cyber
cafe w/yahoo and starbucks hereLOL!)i transfered *** to c`~s
account some time ago but check on that. i got
to read your letters this a.m.!how relieved i am to know you feel the same
way i do.i’m the close type too!i love the idea of just going places and
holding hands or just sitting in front
of the fireplace.c. does have a nice place and
says her and her mom will go out of their way to give us some space.we have
two rooms and her mom never leaves her room(youll like ma.)c. works nights so i have a feeling
we will have plenty of space.we will still track on renting our own place
and with my g.i. bill we will be able to buy a home at some point in time.i'm
glad we touch bases on those issues.we’re going to make a great team,no
doubt!like you,im easyLOL!but that will work!this will be a big change for
you(more so than me).your stale traditional blah-blah marriage has taken a
toll on you,i know but now you have a man that you have control over and
will protect and provide for you ,as well.i hope that works.for me,its a
dream come true.the one girl i was most in love with years ago has come
back into my life!you can understand how devoted i am to being yours.you
should also know i dont stray.even my
worst enemies would back me on that oneLOL!yes,we’ll have a big
party(somewhere/and soon)and it can be a party/wedding type reception as
well.like you said,i vote we get hitched as soon as we can and save the
parties until we are settled in,etc.well,a line is forming babe so i
better send.at least i know we can talk and i’m almost home!(so are
you!LOL)im safe here and we’ve little to do so i count the days until we
join forces.we get a lot of"looks"here.we’re dirty and we have special
forces and combat patches on so i guess a lot of people wonder who we
areLOL!let them wonder!a captain jumped off the side walk the other day to
get out of my way.i would have saluted but i didnt get a chance(we dont look
that scaryLOL!)oops,better send(the line is getting longerLOL)love...your

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