Wednesday, January 14, 2004

january 11,2003
hi babe!yeah,these pcs have yahoo but its to hard to use.the net comes up
and then goes down.it will be like this for some time just due to the flood
of troops to various areas.i am also getting very busy with"this and
that"so i wont be free to e-mail anymore.there’s also our move so if you
dont hear from me it may be because we are on our way to ***.i was so
frustrated the other day because two long e-mails to you were lost.thats
why i have to keep these short or i will lose them if the net goes
down.anyway,you know i live for the day we can be together.thats all i
think about.dont worry about yahoo,i know youre either sleeping or away but
i still try sometimes when the net is up.ive asked c. to start getting
ready for our return so there is less for us to do and worry about.stay in
touch with her and see if you can get some ideas bouncing around about how
we can best prepare for our return.
yes,i will be trashed and a mental wreck when i get home.it will take a
week or two for me to recover from this hell so i am praying i will get
home well before you have to leave ***.i love you so much babe,you know
i hate being apart and stuck in hell(thats what life is here,without
you,hell)...love...your husband...m...ps...reading a great book by al
franken"liars and the lies they tell(or something like that)...cant wait
until were together and can have a life...

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