Wednesday, January 14, 2004

january 12,2004
this is our first time to have the chance to yahoo the entire time m. has been gone.
we had a few chances from germany (four months ago!)

m..are you there? sorry i missed you, there is no set time i can yahoo.
k.hi! i waited for you babe!
m. you made it, i was ready to close down.
k. oh so glad my love.
m. unreal...
k. thanks for trying before you shut down!...
m. you will have to wait on my typing. these laptops are so small
k. ok. how are you?
m. i’m tired, real tired...
k. come home!!!!!! i’m so tired of waiting!!! i love you so much!
m.i hope we will, i live for that day and we can be together. i feel the same way,
cant wait...not another friggin***months!!!
k. sux sux sux! oh m...i love you babe...
m. i hate this life, worse than ever. ( i cant take much more) i love you too babe...
k. life is gonna be so good when this is all over.
m. i live for that day when we are free and happy at home.
k. i love you more than words...
m.youre right! i try not to let it get me down but i have to be honest,
k. oh i know, honestly any place sucks if you are not next to me.
m.i’m doing what i can to prepare for our coming home but my hands are so tied here.
i miss you...
k. dont worry about a thing, i got the feeling everything will work out in our favor.
m. i know, talk to c., throw some ideas around.
k. okay, she is so sweet to me. we just have to get home and one day at a time after that.
m. money is no object. the more c. can help with things the easier on us it will be.
k. its so good to know we have a loving home waiting for us. i really appreciate your choice
of roommates!
m.yeah, youre right but there is so much to do. we will start on getting our own place from
the start,c.’s place will be our ‘camp doha’ lol!
k. hahaha. will you get some rest down there?
m. dont know, i doubt it. they wont let us sleep here. its just not ‘military to sleep i guess...
k. when you get stateside will they lock you in a demobe tank? you have to sleep!!!
m. like i said in my e-mail, may need a week or two to just sit and recharge. plenty of food,
plenty of downtime, but they wont let you sleep! i dont need much but i have to have it.
i’ve threatened to stop work if i dont get sleep.
k. oh babe, i wish i could do your duty for you.
m. its no ones fault, some of the guys bicker about it, time off hard to sleep in bay etc.
i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!lol!
k. i worry about you so much, its so important for your health to rest.
m. i dont think many of us would last much longer..
k. oh babe... i want to do all the things for you that you want and need to make you feel
whole and happy. i love you soooo much!
m. we will, i know. i lasted this long. you know i’ve waited decades for you, a few more
months... all the days blur together here. i dont even know what day it is.
k. do you work tonight?
m. no! i sleep tonight. i traded with a guy who wanted to watch football. you know how
much i love you. i’d give up everything to be by your side.
k. i love you till its coming out my ears! i would give up everything too babe!
m. yeah, but i just want to be with you. it is so hard being here without you. well, i must
sleep, better go babe.
k. ok, i want you to sleep! i love you so much!
m. think what we need when we get home. a new bed etc...
k. c. said there is a queen sized bed in the back bedroom.
m. but the mattress is used.
k. i would sleep on anything as long as you are there babe. no problem
m. oh well,maybe...
k. dont sweat the details, i’m easy. i worry about your health, thats my top priority.
m. youre right, i worry too much sometimes...slow me down with your loving ways.
it will work out, haste makes waste.
k. so true. remember your girl is a trooper.
m. i am still sick.
k. ohhh babe. it hurts so bad to hear youre sick!!!
m. yeah sick and tired of being sick and tired!lol! i cant seem to kick this cold but i know i can
once i am back in my room.
k. i will give you so much TLC, i live for it! you will be okay, i promise. love is the best
medicine, and sleeeep!!!!
m. okay, i am going to get some rest, they say this room is open every night. we can do
this more often. i will try again tomorrow or the next day.
k. sweet dreams my sweet husband!
m. i love you... better close now...bye babe
k. bye babe...

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