Wednesday, January 14, 2004

hi babe!im back!yes,my e-mails will get fewer as people pull out for this
and that and we get stuck w/extra duty.at some point we will not have
e-mail so be patient and remember that i will get with you as soon as i
can.packed my bags today.well be out of here before the end of the
month(what a long,strange trip its been!)yes,i long for you but will just
have to wait(good things come to those who wait).the only way i'd want you
home before me is in the rare chance that we are stuck here but it looks
like we are on our way out for sure this time.yes,e-mail j.!poor kid
needs to know everything(i cant get to my *** but ill try again later)youre
my wife now,you should feel free to do what you want concerning us.i
suppose you will know more about what i mean when we are together in real
time and we can communicate like real humans.i dont type well enough to
really talk to you,i just peck away and hope my message will make it as
is.i belong to you now and i really feel strongly about
that.im the one who feels like you write sometimes.im so taken by you and
so in love with you that you could never upset me or turn me off.im not
fickle about things like so many others.anyway,something odd has happened.i
recieved a registered letter slip today that at first i thought was from
you(have you sent any mail or packages that would require a
signature?anyway i noticed it was your "old name"as you now use my name as
your own.i have not gone to pick it up due to my schedule and may not be
able to for some time.the post office can be a pain in the butt to deal
with(esp.now w/everybody moving about so)anyway,i thought you should
know.you might ask your"ex"if he did send a letter or something to me but
explain because it is registered i am unable to pick it up at the time.that
reminds me,have you recieved a card or box from me yet?(ill give my letter
more time)i sent those more than a month ago and they should have made it
by now.anyway,i will no longer snail mail you
so i wont worry about it.ill just wait untill we are together to get you
sweet things(and whisper sweet "nothings"in your earLOL!)i just want to be
with you babe.thats all i care about now and its what i live for.my mate at
last,in my arms!like you,i lust so it drives me crazy.life is so cruel.the
world can be a really horrible place and i feel niether one of us will be
safe and whole untill we are together.well,i better send.it takes so long
to open these pages id better start now if i want to try *** and make it to
chow...love...your husband...m...

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