Wednesday, January 14, 2004

hi babe!ill try yahoo again before i leave.the net hasnt gone down once
tonight,thats a good sign.no,im not really the jealous type but i do state
mind from time to time.i had such a problem with my last two girlfreinds
about"other men"and certain things just come natural to me
(ie,like"dumping"themLOL!)ive never understood why people need so many
people.i guess its just me but one partner at a time is plenty.its
interesting that even now,in this enviroment,i dont even look at attractive
women.it sounds funny but i am really like that.even though we are yet to
together i would feel guilty even talking to a girl and not talking about
you.two women i know here visit myself and a couple of other guys in my
company from time to time and they know ive got a future wife.everybody
to know their place as friends and that works best,not giving in to every
little urge and having multiple partners.anyway,im not the type to watch
every move.i trust you babe or i never would have thought about marriage.i
remember i couldnt trust ***and*** and somehow that made them less
attractive to me.they just couldnt get it straight.i guess they figured
because i was attracted to them i would always lust after them.wrong!the
of them sleeping with other men while they are sleeping with me was a major
turn off.anyway,i know we’re alike in that way.at the same time though,i
never beg a girl to stay if she wants to leave.maybe thats why im not
now but thats just not my style(if you have to ask,it costs to much!).im
cold-hearted,just practicalLOL!well,i do have a night off and i need sleep
badly.i havent had any in the past three days.i try to eat well but there is
only one chow-hall here so sometimes i just go with out.im still sick with
cold and its obvious i wont be able to get rid of it untill i can get home
and really kick it.i will take a week or two off when i first get home to
heal and recharge.thats why the sooner we get home the better.i cant charge
my engines here.thats why leave is allowed in the army and so
important.others must feel the way i do.i will sit in my room for two
straight weeks,if need be.i wont go anywhere for any reason(except to
and use the rest room)and i will slowly recover.i will then venture out and
start getting things done.i will have food delivered to me in the mean
may only need a week and i hope i can time it before you arrive in
***.well,i better be going babe(ive got so much to tell you when we do
reach stateside)...love...your husband...m...

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