Sunday, January 18, 2004

hi babe!just as i suspected,the registered mail was from your"ex"husband.it
was short and said the same thing i've heard before.please dont take my
wife(girlfreind,whatever)from me(blah,blah blah).its sad really but its out
of my hands.im not rejecting someone i love based on the whims of another
person.unless you choose another man,i will never leave your side.my days
of"other women"are over.ive never even thought about other women since we
decided to be husband and wife.i feel sorry for your ex but doesnt he know
its over?i love you to death but i would never stand in your way if you
wanted to leave me.its just not my style.other people ive talked to feel
the same way.i told some of the guys in my unit about the letter and they
said"what a loser"i agree,he should let it go.anyway,watch out some because
people like that are not to be trusted.i suspect he's intercepted the last
few items i mailed you.its no big deal.the items are insured and i will buy
the same things for you when
you come stateside.yes,i hope to be home before you but they may torture
us some during demobe.some of the guys are already talking about walking or
picking fights but i dont recommend that(they could mess with our pay if we
leave post or beat up people)i would love to punch some of those people in
the rear right in nose(or knock down their gates)but i will resist the
temptation and keep my cool.i can get even with bad people on an individual
basis later if need be.its also legal ***so sometimes a
well placed note or phone call will set people straight.anyway,i know you
will handle things there well,if need be.im doing my best to rest and
relax.the medicine is killing my ***.all i have left is to
clean my teeth and you will have a flawless husbandLOL.not that you care
but i want to look my best for you,its a pride thing.i got rid of my belly
for you because if was just me i’d keep it LOL! well,i guess i'd better go.you
never know when this net here will
go down and i’ll lose another letter to you.you know i love you so much
babe(i love a good rub down,its heaven to me)i count the days...love...your

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