Sunday, January 18, 2004

hi babe!i love you.cant yahoo tonight because its to busy in here now but
watch the time and yahoo you with-in the next day or two.yes,do all you can
with c. to take the stress off our return.i dont have the liberty to
communicate like you guys do,is all.i do have the extra money to take care of the little details and that makes me feel better.i cant believe we’re on
our way home.i hunger for you so bad babe,you have no idea.you're all i
about.i just want things to be so right for you.no snags,just bliss for the
one i love.i feel sorry for your ex.i hope he does not try anything
desperate.you know him better than me so i will try not to worry and let
handle that but i do have some advice.start packing now.mail and store your
things if need be.time your paper work.when he is at work plan your major
move out.keep an eye on him.ill write later...love...your husband...m...

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