Sunday, January 18, 2004

hi babe!just a note to remind you to look at the web page.i love your photo
(your so pretty,im so lucky!)anyway,read my other e-mail.ill yahoo within
the next day or two(maybe a little earlier this time)i've rested some and i
have another day off.watch out for your ex.according to his letter its
obvious he still has a thing for you(though you said he has yet to prove
itLOL)anyway,keep an eye on him and plan around any problems(ie,keep things
a secret and make your move(s)when hes not around or at work)i dont know him
but i do know people can get real weird in certain situations.i'll try not to
worry,im sure you can handle things on that end.it would cost me some money
but i could arrange for some"very big people"to visit if need be.keep me
posted.anyway,like i said i will get back with you on yahoo within the
next day or two.love you so bad babe!wish we were together now,not later.life is
so cruel that way.i can only hope i never have to suffer like this
again.love...your husband...m...ps...start mailing now.c. is ready
for your stuff and the post office in .*** is prepared as well...

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