Wednesday, January 21, 2004

hi babe!yes,youre doing the right thing by seeking help(and you have it!)
c. will be a big help if you do arrive early and i hope to be home in late
***.we are done packing and some people are leaving for *** now.we
should spend only a few weeks there at the most and maybe a week in ***.if we
leave here at the end of *** that puts me home around the first of
*** at the latest.demobe should only take a week or so and rumour has it we
will be allowed to go home during that time.i think they know they cant keep
an infantry battalion locked down for any length of time.we would tear the camp up for
sure and maybe worse.it is strange about your ex.it sounds strange but
treat this like a tactical operation.get your friends in line,study the moves of
your"enemy".move things out in secret.make your big move when he is not
around.cover your tracks.brief your friends so they know what to say when
he comes looking,etc.i have friends in *** who help women leave their
abusive husbands or partners so i do know a few things on the subject.keep
where you are going a secret.dont fail to alert police if he tries to meet
you at the airport,etc.planning is key and share no information w/him or
others who may be on his side.ive stopped writting as well.i will try to keep
in touch via e-mail when i can but they are keeping us very busy here.i am
resting whenever again.as you might know,i am a mental wreck now,exhausted
from this war.i just want to go home and be with you.its what i live
stupid letter from your ex just confirms what youve told me.what an
think for one minute i would leave you just because he wants you.what a
joke.but stupid people like that are not to be trusted so keep an eye on
and remember what i said about being"tactical". surprise gives one such an
advantage.when your marbles are all lined up and the"enemy"is not looking
you make your move.i dont know why im telling you this over and over
again,you said that is what you had in mind when you e-mailed me(your so
smartLOL!)anyway,i dont have time for yahoo everyday.today i promised i
help a guy w/his resume.he's a friend so i said yes but it sucks when people
come to you at the last minute and want something done.im not going to
operate that way when i get stateside(except when you want things done
babe,LOL!)people are going to wait on me,bigtime.im adopting the army way
doing things in some cases.if i have a job to do,for example,they are going
to get a "window",not an exact date.if they complain,they find some one
to do the job.im going to"out-source"my support.i'm tired of doing eveything
myself for many of my contract jobs.thats just one small example of some of
the changes im planning concerning my life.of course,a lot depends on what
you say and do.im not like your ex(or other men)i dont own or control
control each other through teamwork and mutual agreement.you'll find that i
will work towards making you happy,thats so important to me.i would never
worry about you leaving because you would want stay(unlike your current
situation)well,id better sign off.i may write or yahoo later this evening
i can finish this resume(i need to be working on my own resume!LOL)but i
wait(haste makes waste)im so laid back.i just dont understand why so many
people have to rush and have things done "now". i'm productive,thats what
matters.oh well,more on that subject later.love you babe...your

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