Saturday, January 03, 2004

yes,you heard me right.a dozen feet from my bunk they've installed over a
dozen computers. it figures,we are scheduled to leave iraq sometime
*** and now they install the computers. ive heard *** but no-one knows
for sure. the pc’s also have IM but the beta version(or any page )wont
let me in. i have that problem a lot, i never could log into my bank web
page, for example (even after my bank sent me the account number and password
i still could not log in) its the same with IM.even with my user id and
password i cant get in.you may know my user id and password(maybe im using
the wrong id and password?) send them and i will try to IM w/you but even
here the wait for a seat can be long.i may just continue to hike over to
*** because there is no wait(and i can drink and
smoke LOL!)but,alas! they dont have IM set up on thier pc’s
(because they are working pc’s).anyway,just a short note to let you know
what is going on.a friend of mine also refuses to redeploy and is thinking about canada,as well. we can consider our options later but i
will not redeploy,no matter what.i dont trust ***. they are very short of
people and there is talk of "back to back"deployments for all types of
units.most of the guys in my unit are telling me they wont redeploy,even if
ordered. anyway,ill talk to you later.send that IM info if you can,i’ll
try again.i dont understand.remember,there was no problem using the beta
version in germany and i didnt need a bloody password or user
id.all i had to do was type in your user id(and or mine)and a message would
go to our e-mails and open the doors(windows)oh well,maybe some other
time. love you babe...your husband...m...ps...have you recieved my box
or coin yet?

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