Sunday, January 25, 2004

hi babe!i love you.got to read some of your letters.yes,we are a perfect
(thats what makes the waiting such torture)i've waited all my life for you
cant even touch you!it breaks my heart.never have i ever hurt so bad
live for the day we’re together.im going to try and pull up your mil. e-mail
one more time,love you babe...your husband...m...ps...ill always look
after you and protect you!its just my way.i do think of you as the leader
type and you’ll call a lot of the shots in our relationship but i will always
protect and provide for you,lordy how i love you!ill always be yours(we
know that in our bones)better send!love you!

same night
hi babe!i got your army mail pulled up!well have so much fun together!you
know what i like!i like the mental stuff as well as the outside things so
there will never be a dull moment.we can horse-play when we are bored and
we can find so many other things we will do well together.you are my match
made in heaven and if i seem stressed its not so much this place but its
not being with you.how i lusted after you in hs and now we are almost
together.keep planning your"homecoming".mail what you can though(you dont
really want to pay for stuff stateside)between what i have at c’s and
what you have in *** we should be sitting pretty good.yes,some stuff we
will have to send from abroad(i have not found that mail is too costly,here
anyway)and some stuff we will purchase together when we are side by side as
we very well belong.i hope you dont mind but i’m the kind of guy who wants
to be your side always!well,these are the last e-mails i will send to
you.i'll try from *** but dont count
on it(the place is so crowded!)i will let you know as soon as i get
home but i will shut down with *** and sleep the few days i have
off.ill make contact with you,rest and then prepare for your
arrival...love...your husband...m...ps...answer my mail,tell them who
you are and whats going on with me,etc.stay in touch w/c.she knows
youre calling the shots as far as we’re are concerned,love you...your
husband...m...(did i say that once before? lol...ps...hang in there,ill
e-mail from doha if i can

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