Sunday, January 04, 2004

hi babe! lordy how i love you. your the bright spot in my horizon,thats for
sure.i can honestly say you helped me through this deployment.i had no idea
they would keep us this long and i am so very angry about being extended
that there is no doubt i will get out of the military for good now. its a
shame (like you and your ex) to invest so much time with something (or
someone) to get shafted so.i never learn.there was/must have been a reason i
got out of the military even when i was an officer years ago but i keep
coming back(duhh!) well,there is bad some bad news about the computers next
door to my berthing space.someone stole one so they shut the whole
operation down. thats so sad, so many guys were chatting w/their wives and
girlfriends for the first time in a year.oh well,we'll try the chat
thing when i get to kuwait.also,there will be a gap between moves so dont
fret if/ at/ towards the end of *** you dont hear from me.we will
leave here *** for kuwait and
i hope to be in *** by the end of ***. c. is prepared for you
should i be delayed. she is the
helping sort so i am sure not going to panic if
you get to *** before me.i’ll feel better with you there and you’ll have
all you need.i'll also call in some help if need be so i am not going to
stress on it. well babe, a friend is waiting on me so i better cut my message
short. i'm also frustrated about the snailmail so i wont send any anymore.i
sent a coin and a card, a box w/a surprise weeks ago and you never recieved
it. several days ago i mailed a ten page letter so lord knows when you will
recieve that. you will have heard most of it via e-mail anyway. oh well, such
complaining.i swear i will never complain about anything after all
thisLOL! i love you so much babe, please remember that, always! youre not just
the love of my life but my dreamgirl!i know that sounds corny but i
always dreamed a tall pretty
girl would come into my life someday! i never dreamed it would be one of the
few girls i had lusted after in hs(LOL!)anyway,it might be a day or two
before i get back to you (but i will)...love...your husband...m...

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