Tuesday, January 06, 2004

hi babe!couldnt log on to my mil. site so went w/***.good to have two
servers for that reason,alone.i know you have some messages there so i will
try to log on.the net is real slow tonight,took forever just to open your
letter here but it was so worth it!i love to read your sweet words,it makes
my day knowing we will be together someday.it will be a tough move so expect
that we will not have access to e-mail for sometime during the move.we are
getting closer to leaving.i cant go into detail about who is where doing what
but we are now heading"that way".i have no idea how long we will be at ***
(that looks to be our destination)but its confirmed we are now leaving here
during ***.i will still have e-mail for some time now
but the net is getting slower and my schedule more hectic so i may not be
able to check your messages as often as i like but you know my days and
nights are still spent thinking of our future together.my friends may even
get tired of hearing me talk about you,our plans,etc. but i cant help myself
(LOL!)its interesting not being single anymore.i never fail to drop your name
when i meet women here from time to time.i remember meeting women that are
the same way when i lived in***.its a very polite way of saying"im
taken"when you are talking to someone.whoops,just got an im and closed by
mistake.thought it was pop-up.anyway,i would like to call and talk to your
mom some time.right now i work when she may be home.
well,tell her i may call but the hour may be late and the phones are
alot more "flakey"than even the net.there is also always a long line.its not
so bad,ill just have to sit it through some morning and get some of these
phone calls out of the way(also need to phone others,etc.)well,i better run
babe.im off tonight and i want to get a goodnights sleep for change so i can
run some errands in the a.m. before i return to duty.how i cant wait to be
off "army time"and on to your time(or,"our timeLOL!)you know i feel the same
way about you as you feel towards me.never ever fear rejection from my end of
things.thats why im so big on the seperation thing.yes,i could make good
money now,hopping about the globe but i am committed to being by your
side.youre my life now and we’ll deal w/the other issues after weve spent some
much needed time together(glued togetherLOL)well,bye babe...i love
you!!!your husband...m...

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