Sunday, February 01, 2004

hi babe!im glad you found your passport.i do the same thing however.i lost my
fake fake rolex today after our"contraband search". its silly really,the
search.no one is going to have anything they dont want others to see with
them.porno is illegal but alot of the guys have it.in mags,on
disk,dvd,etc.cant find that stuff.anyway,they are getting real anal about
having things here.im glad i mailed ***months ago before
the rules came down.i did have to throw away a ***.they
said i couldnt take that stuff but i know i can, i just didnt feel like an
argument with anyone.anyway,its getting real crowded here.people are flooding
in from everywhere.its going to be harder to talk to you.the lines for
everything are getting worse. some more bad news,looks like they are going to
keep us longer than i thought.they already sent some guys from one co. back
out on missions.remember,our new orders last until ***.it makes me angry
but there is little i can do about it except never have anything to do with
the military again after this.they've screwed me for the last time.i'm not
going back.well,i hope they don't screw w/our departure date.were supposed to
be out of here in *** so i hope that does not change,just wanted to warn
you about the possibilty of us being here longer in case it does happen.ill try
yahoo but it is to crowded to get a pc w/a cam today.like i said,it is going
to get so crowded here soon i wont be able to get to the pc very often.you
have to wait in line for everything here(even to take a shit)and it is going
to get much worse.even as i get closer to coming home i'm hating the army more
and more.they dont care,they dont do the right things and its not a healthy
way to live.if you complain they tell you its "war".bullshit.they say things
like"how would you have liked iwo jima?"i bet they told the guys at iwo-
jima"how would you have liked to cross the delaware w/george
washington?"LOL.first of all,its not war.im not stupid,i know we are not at
war.second,they invaded the wrong country!we should have gone into iran.ive
told people from the start those people are crazy nuts.ive hated iran since
they took our embassy over back in the early 80s.i have iranian friends,in iraq
and at home so i know whats going on there.we are going to buddy up to a
nation who needs to be bombed.the govt. is falling apart because of the
religious nuts.we should consider any nation that does not accept seperation
of church and state an enemy.oh well,enough ranting.i get angry but there is
little i can do.i just pray for the day we can be home,safe together.other
units,who have less time incountry, are getting home to the states and
germany much earlier than we are.i'm keeping track and i will do some
bitching when i get home.the way they have done us is just plain mean.they've
taken advantage of the guard and reserves and i hope people get out in
droves.ill never forget and ill never forgive"them"for messing up my life.so
much for that.i so love you now that i could never risk another
deployment.they're offering people more rank and this or that to stay in but
a lot of the guys are a lot more pissed than i am.imagine having kids to deal
with?or a job you will lose because the"idiots"upstairs dont know how to run
a real war.well babe,i pledge never to leave your side and thats just what i
mean.when this hell ends i only want to be with you.that is our focus.you're
all that matters to me now.i will resist politics and war getting in the way
of our life.its to short(life)and you are to precious.well, i better send,i've
lost to many long letters.i never did get ahold of c.her phone only rings
(or is busy)and she hasnt returned any e-mail.she may not be at work(thats
where she has e-mail)i love you babe,better go(ill try yahoo next)love...your

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