Friday, February 20, 2004

hi again babe!almost forgot.wanted to send you something positive for our
blog before you hit the road.i think the blogging is a good idea as it is an
excellent way to vent some frustration as well as reminding people that we
are here without violating any security measures communicating with other
people.i guess infantry people like to gripe and i'm one(when the mood
strikesLOL)well,all in all the whole de-mobe thing went real well and
everyone was very nice to us from the start.no pressures,no problems,worth
complaining about.anyway,i wanted to thank all the hard working people at
wolf and here at atterbury for their hard and endless work.i think they will
hate their jobs this summer when the days are long and hot.one day left
here!we're done hon,thanks for always being there through endless hard
times.well,just thought youd have some thing positive to post because i
think a lot of the people who supported us get the credit they deserve for
a job well done.well,love you babe!cant get you off my mind!now i just wait
for you,counting the days!LOL...your husband...m

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