Saturday, February 07, 2004

hi babe!just checking my mail and caught your e-mail.c’s mom does not hear
well sometimes but check the news anyway,see if you can find out more about
that.there are a lot of rumours floating around but i havent heard that one
yet.some reserve units have been deployed back to back but none of ours have
been deployed twice yet(that ive heard of).i wouldnt come back(no matter what)
and niether would half the guys in the company.we’d head to canada if we had to
(i have a couple of freinds planning just thatLOL).anyway,dont worry.ill try
to yahoo everyday and we'll cross our fingers thet they get us out of here.i
dont understand why they wont let us leave but im hoping our time will
come.just remember i love you more than anyone in the world and we will be
together,someday.im sooo in love with you!i just hope the stress of waiting
on you does not make me too sick(a little i can handle)but the past year has
been hell on both of us.well,ill try to catch you on yahoo today(somedays i
wont be able to make it)love...your husband...m...

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