Tuesday, May 04, 2004

hi babe!even though we are both safe at home now in the good ole u s of a,i just had to drop you a line or two just for"good ole times"sake.ill always love you for the waiting(no one thought when we met again that id spend a year overseas in iraq).anyway,i love you for everything you are,as well.i also wanted to write you again because i stopped writing after we left baghdad(not counting the yahoo meesanger at dohaLOL).as much as people complained about life during deployment most of us didnt return with the typical complaints so many others seemed to have.even though our leaders seemed somewhat unsure of themselves when we first deployed they caught on and spent the rest of the tour looking after us(and cleaning up our messesLOL)we always pretty much had what we needed(unreal!)and we were well taken care of by the active units we were attached to including both the special forces and 5th corps.i want to thank you and others for the care packages we recieved.mail never was an issue for me because i had a good steady supply being sent by you and others.i even got packages from friends active in the war protest.is this some nation,or what?anyway,there are so many good people that i worked with overseas(iraqi,american,canadian,what-everLOL)that i would be lying if there was not a few things i miss about baghdad(and the army in general).im glad that most of the people i knew should be rotated out of iraq.it was such a relief to see some one you knew in iraq at the kuwait city mall because most likely they were on their way home(and happy).you know me well enough by now to know that i complained and bitched alot in my letters from baghdad but my complaints arent about those around me.i hated the way we were treated as far as being informed was concerned.i remember as an officer in the infantry before,that keeping your troops informed was one of the most important things about a combat mission.yet,"they"refused to tell us where we would go or what we would be doing.i can understand that issue at the start of the war when we were assigned to special operations but the practice of"keeping us in the dark and feeding us shit"followed us throughout the war and occupation of baghdad.anyway,so much for that.we should never forget the people who are still there.were at home now,safe and sound.we can only pray people will elect officials that can straighten out this mess that cant really be blamed on the military.well,im still"semi-active", so i'll leave that issue alone but you know im a democrat so you know who ill vote for in novemberLOL!i wanted to tell you how nice it was coming home.no hitches,it went real smooth.people were real nice to us and i wanted to mention how good they were at getting us through de-mobe .the people there work alot of long hard hours to get us out and i thanked people i met there,when i could.well,i love you babe!your support has meant so much to me,i just had to write and tell you again.its nice now that our dreams have come true.i want to wish that on others.if they could only be as content in our love as we are,love...your husband...m.

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