Thursday, June 24, 2004

hey babe!just had to pen you a letter describing how wonderful it is sharing life with you!im glad that i am home from iraq and i really feel for the people (all people) who are stuck there during these trying times.ill be honest,sometimes i wish i was there doing my part (but i know better).i thought we had it bad in iraq,imagine what extra duty those soldiers are pulling now.i remember thinking after watching the twin towers fall that all gloves were off (as far as going after bad guys) but now i have some reservations about how things are going as far as the war on terrorism are concerned. words from the adminstration in washington bother me.words like"bring it on!","cant you see the connection?"and"god talked to me"concern me the most.i cant help but to think that words like that make the average soldiers job just a little bit harder.you see,i dont want the enemy to"bring it on!"(not if im standing "checkpoint"!) what many people may not understand is that most soldiers in iraq have duties that put them in harms way.in short,many soldiers find themselves doing infantry and military police duty that is not their"primary MOS".everyone (regardless of rank) pulls guard duty, KP duty and the likes. anything that is said or done by anybody has a huge impact on the daily life of the soldier.anything anyone does anymore has effects on the average life in iraq.the baghdad prison scandal is a good example.anyway,enough politics.this started just as a letter to let you know how much i love you and how im enjoying living with you.love,m...ps...i want to keep it that way so lets be sure to vote democrat this year!LOL!

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