Wednesday, August 11, 2004

hi babe!just super,thanks for asking!LOL!so glad to hear from you babe.anyway,people are always asking me who i think is going to be elected president so i thought id make my prediction early(but i have a lousy track record LOL). im guessing bush will have enough votes in certain states to win the electoral vote.i bet kerry will win the popular vote,maybe by a million(remember gore won by almost a half million votes).the republicans seem to have some big states in thier colour.texas,florida and ohio are republican and california is close.new york is kerry but north and south carolina will go republican.edwards will loose s.carolina,thats big time bush bible belt.indiana will go republican(they always do,LOL)i really hope kerry wins.im going to vote democrat because i think they will do a better job of running the country,its that simple.it bothers me that the republicans may be playing the"terror card"too often and im leary of those tax cuts to the rich.i cant see how that will "trickle down"and help the economy when places are out-sourcing and moving jobs off shore.kerry claims he will only roll back tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%.thats not good enough for republicans.kerry is still a"tax and spend liberal". he "flip flops"because he does not agree with them.i also feel i just have more in common with kerry now,we're both combat veterans.what better person to run the countryLOL!both my liberal and my republican friends often argue that there is no differance between the parties.if they had listened to any of the speeches made at the DNC they would know at least a few things.at least the democrats "say" they want to help the average man.republicans try to but it seems its money they care most about.well,thats enough politics.ill get carried away.i suppose not all republicans are badLOL!many mean well.you cant say they dont love their country(they just have to remember its ours too!LOL)bye love!...love m...next week...seperation of church and stateLOL!!!

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