Monday, August 15, 2005

greetings all! i havnt really blogged an entry since i returned from iraq just over a year ago so i am surprised that people still read this blog. it all started when my wife started posting our e-mails to each other after i deployed to iraq. i was on the front lines during the start of the iraq war and she thought it would make interesting reading( i was attached to the 5th special forces group a a weapons specialist and later served with the special troops bn in baghdad).i had served in the military befor(when i was youngerLOL). i enlisted in the marine corps in 1976 and after college i served in the army and army reserve as a light infantry officer until 1990. so when my national guard infantry unit was deployed to kuwait in 2002 alot of people were surprised(some of us are over 40 for lords sakeLOL!) anyway, my wife stuck by me, e-mailing when we could communicate. i was with special operations, so we had all the good equipment and later we were well taken care of by I corps. i guess we were luckier, in that respect, than some of the troops that went "up north" at the time(forget the "up-armour",put shocks on them thar vehiclesLOL!). we kept in touch, my wife every bit a part of the war effort as anyone. i wanted for nothing because anything i might have needed was sent to me. if anyone reads my blogs they will read about the bad and the good. i wasnt happy when i got to baghdad because the republican guard had been disbanded and everyone knew that meant more work for us. i bitched alot. we got little rest when we first arrived and spent most of our time sitting in fox holes and going on patrols. later we ran check points and spent alot of time getting rid of saddams ammo (one dump was in less than fifty feet of a school). i bitched some more when i knew we would have to stay in iraq. i remember most blogs at the time were about politics and not so much about individuals. i always supported war in south central asia after 9-11 because we need to get the bad guys but i am a democrat (and i dont support bush!). i always felt that we botched the iraq war because we didnt send enough troops and did little to get more help from other nations(not to mention the lies about WMDs,etc). anyway, i cant trust a president who gives tax breaks to the wealthy and cuts aid to the poor( i have a business degree and that" trickle down theory "sounds like pure" crappola" to me). my ancesters founded this nation and served in her wars so i tend to get a little pissy when people claim to own my flag or bible. well, i could go on and on about how evil republicans are but i can save that for another blog(sometime soon ill write about being in baghdadLOL!),...craiger,letters from baghdad...

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