Monday, August 08, 2005

greetings all! i just had to post one more time after mentioning "chicken hawks" in my last post. some people may not know what a "chicken hawk" is. i can tell you that its not a bird that eats chicken. no, a chicken hawk is a human coward who advocates war against others but will not participate in war. i have lost friends in iraq so i have no respect for chicken hawks,no time for their hate speech and i wish i had the power to draft these people into military service for combat in the worst of places. i'm proud to have served in the armed forces. its just something everyone should do. i served in both the marine corps and the US army, as an officer and as an enlisted man(during peace and war). i am also proud of the fact that my ancestors founded this nation and that i am a democrat(not a chicken hawk republicanLOL). i really dislike chicken hawks(you can tellLOL). i remember i was standing check point duty with another soldier west of baghdad (in the middle of the night,in the middle of nowhere) and we had only about 300 rounds of ammo between us when we heard about president bush's "bring it on" speech. is president bush is a chicken hawk? anyone at the checkpoint thought so. rush limbaugh is not only a big fat liar,he is a drug addict and a chicken hawk. limbaugh says things like "journalists rejoice and cheer at each new service members death in iraq" how would he know? is he with the reporters when they cheer and clap for joy at each new death? naw,he and other chicken hawks run thier mouths just for the sake of being heard,they are scum. if people really care about this great nation of ours they should vote for the democrats. if people are of age, they should enlist in the armed forces and help in the war against terror (dont be a chicken hawk). well, i could go on forever about how evil the republicans and chicken hawks are but there are better things to do on a sunday afternoon. its a lot more fun working in my garden or sailing on a lake but i cant forget about those serving,still doing the worlds hardest job. lets not ever forget the people who lost their lives "over-there" and lets not give up on the war on terror just because the chicken hawks and republicans are stupidLOL!

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